Rotoscoping in Blender

This tutorial series will show you how to alter source footage to remove a moving person from a shot. Once we’ve achieved that, I’ll show you not only how to reposition that same moving person, but also how to duplicate him so there will multiple moving copies of him. This tutorial series was created before Blender had a ‘Movie Clip Editor’ window with traditional 2D masks. So in this series, we’ll create our masks out of curves in the 3D view. If you’re using a more recent version of Blender, you can create your masks in the ‘Movie Clip Editor’ and follow along with the techniques I’ve outlined in the Compositor. These tutorials will demonstrate a work flow that will mimic what you might do in applications like Adobe After Effects, or Nuke.

Note: The ‘RotoBezier’ addon, used in these tutorials, has been renamed to ‘AnimAll’. Its features are different, but it functions essentially the same.