Cellular Automata

Explore Stephen Wolfram’s concept of complexity arising from simplicity.

Cellular Automata is the plural form of cellular automation.

In mathematics, it refers to a universe filled with ‘cells’ (or grid positions) that change their state according to a set of rules.
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Years ago, I came across an article about some far-reaching implications postulated by a universally recognized genius named Stephen Wolfram.In a nutshell, he found that great complexity can arise out of simple ‘rules’ and theorized that maybe modern physics has it all wrong.  Maybe the complexity of the universe, including lifeforms, arouse out of some simple rules.He came to this idea after programming some simple rules into a computer and watching the results.I became fascinated by this and wrote a computer program called ‘Cellular Automata‘ to explore his 8-rule, 256 variation, system. I polished it off, and now present it to you here at Good Spirit Graphics.

Program screenshots:

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This video demonstrates how ‘Cellular Automata’ works.