Blender ‘Script Runner’ Addon

‘Script Runner’ is an addon for Blender developed by ‘Good Spirit Graphics’. ‘Script Runner’ allows you to run scripts without first loading them into the text editor. If you run scripts from programs that export via a generated python script, like ‘SynthEyes’, then you no longer have to open the Blender ‘Text Editor’ window, load your script, and run it from there. If you want to edit your scripts in an external program, and avoid the ‘Text Editor’ window altogether, then ‘Script Runner’ is for you.

  • ‘Script Runner’ doesn’t require you to change any of your Blender file paths, and it will run your scripts from anywhere on your computer.
  • ‘Script Runner’ will also store your frequently used scripts in Blender’s user settings so you won’t have to re-enter them with either new files, or with new versions of Blender.

Simply activate the addon, and then run your scripts from either the Blender menu at: File>Import>Run Script, or from the ‘Script Runner’ panel.


Download ‘Script Runner’ at the GSG e-Store