Blender ‘BreakPoint’ Addon

‘BreakPoint’ is an addon for Blender. It was developed by Good Spirit Graphics.  BreakPoint will allow you to debug your scripts, within Blender, much more easily.  Now, there is no need to resort to using a complex IDE like Eclipse every time you have a stubborn bug in your code.  BreakPoint allows you to print your variable values to the ‘Blender Console’, to a panel within Blender, or to a log file.  BreakPoint also allows you to set conditional ‘breaks’ in your code very easily.  Finally, you can enable, and disable Breakpoint, from the BreakPoint panel, with the push of a button. There is no need to repeatedly comment, and un-comment your ‘print’ statements every time you want to check something.

Watch both videos below to understand all the features.


Download ‘BreakPoint’ at the GSG e-Store